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September 18, 2019

Happy National Rice Krispie Treats Day Clarksville!

There are some fun Holiday’s out there in the World. Did you know that today is National Rice Krispie Treat Day! No joke. Share your rice krispie treat recipes! Here is one from me to you…
September 11, 2019

What’s Up Clarksville Will Never Forget 9/11.

We will never forget! Our thoughts and prayers are in New York, Arlington and Somerset today.
September 2, 2019

Happy Labor Day 2019

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy Labor Day. Thank you to all the laborers out there who help make our world go round. Every job/career out there is important!! No matter what you do, you are important! Here is a look at the 2019 Labor stats of Realtors.
August 30, 2019

What’s Up Clarksville Presents The New And Improved Newsletter For September 2019